hub&bearingsv2Hub & Roller Bearings
Beck/Arnley’s strategy of sourcing using the basis of Application Specific Sourcing is the focus of our 051 series – wheel bearing category. We search the globe looking for those suppliers who can supply us the highest quality, good coverage, and competitive pricing. We are using over twenty sources of supply for this product category. We go to great lengths to ensure we put the best bearing available, a perfect vehicle fit, into the Beck/Arnley box. Bearings are sourced from high quality manufacturers located in Japan, Thailand, Germany, China and the United States to name just a few of the primary locations.


Key Features:

  • Material Specifications to control steel that ensures clean steel which increases bearing life and durability
  • Heat Treatment Specifications to control location and depth of case hardened pattern which increase bearing reliability and life
  • Engineering Specifications to control bearing pathway curvature, surface finish, roundness, and harmonics (lobing) for quiet smooth running operation
  • Cold Forming technology to specify required design and machine controls to ensure proper function of the formed bearing without lose of performance
  • Validation of the product is confirmed via OEM level engineering

Quality Control:
Engineering is controlled by relevant functions and meets or exceeds standards per each kind of product. Key equipment used in the Quality Control process:

  • Optical Spectometer
  • Bearing Life Tester
  • Vibration Instrument Tester
  • Hardness Tester
  • Mud Splash Durability Tester
  • Bearing Torque Tester
  • Hub Flange Bearing Bending Fatigue Tester
  • Axial Preliminary Load Tester
  • Hub Bearing Unit Moment Rigid Tester
  • Dust Tester for Seal Performance