Did you know?
Beck/Arnley offers a full line of new water pumps for import applications. Our water pumps come with all necessary gaskets and seals. It’s a good time to check the timing belt and tensioner. The antifreeze should be changed. We recommend replacing the fan clutch to prevent heating problems. Approximately 50% of engine problems are a result of cooling system failures that can be avoided with proper maintenance, proper coolant and replacement of critical components.

Difference Maker
What makes a Beck/Arnley water pump different? Our water pumps include everything you need for the job, including seals and/or gaskets depending on OE specification. The majority of our water pumps come with metal impeller, which are more durable and don’t breakdown like the standard resin impellers. We also offer water pumps with the complete housing. This saves you installation time, and allows for peace of mind know you have a new housing unit.