Fuel-PumpElectronic Fuel Pumps
These are typically one of the largest warranty issues because of premature failure due to not replacing the pre-pump strainer. We provide a kit with new electronic fuel pumps which includes a new strainer and any necessary hardware and hoses (where applicable).

Beck/Arnley’s fuel pumps are an exact match, not a universal fit. There are NO splicing wires or connectors. NO rerouting fuel lines or changing fittings. In addition, sock filters are included with the pump where used and available.


fuel-injectorFuel Injectors
Beck/Arnley’s Fuel injectors are direct from OE manufactures. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about the quality or exact fit for your specific application. All 158s (New Fuel Injectors) are new, not remanufactured, so there are no cores to deal with.

Nonetheless, Beck/Arnley’s reman fuel injectors are remanufactured to restore OE quality and all of them some with the appropriate seals.