CoilAnimated-spacersIgnition Coils
Many modern engines are now equipped with “coil on plug” technology (each spark plug has its own separate ignition coil). This coil is connected directly to the spark plug by a rubber boot. Until now, if the ignition coil boot or resistor failed, the only option was to replace the entire coil. But there are a number of applications where the ignition coil boot and resistor can be removed and replaced with a completely new boot and resistor.



bootAnimated-spacersIgnition Coil Boot Inexpensive Repair Option
These new ignition coil boots, including the resistor, are now available from Beck/Arnley at a fraction of the cost of a new coil and boot assembly. They are priced one (1) to a box and can be ordered depending on actual vehicle needs.



Animated-spacersIgnition Wire Sets

  • Mag Core Wire (SAE Type 4) for Asian Applications. (More alloy turns per inch & Protective Coating)
  • Copper Core Wire (SAE Type 1) for German Applications (5, 7 & 8 mm).
  • Fiberglass braiding for extra strength and flexibility – Higher Class Rating.
  • EPDM inner insulation prevents arcing and voltage leak.
  • Beck/Arnley Wire Sets feature all stainless steel terminals. Terminals are positively crimped with extra pull strength for reliable connections, even after several spark plug changes.
  • Beck/Arnley wire has silicone jackets for all applications.
  • OE style configured boots seal at wire and spark plug to protect connection from heat, dirt, and moisture.