Filtration Products
Dedicated to having the best import coverage in critical categories, Beck/Arnley has leading coverage for the latest model years, 1995 to 2014. Also, we offer an additional 63 difficult-to-find filters and 216 more late-model filters than the filter market leaders have available. Beck/Arnley analyzes the latest vehicle data to make sure to deliver the best import coverage. We monitor trends to offer difficult-to-find parts, and always provide OE form, fit, and function for filters for European and Asian vehicles. Unlike some, we have no consolidation of parts unless OE driven.


Oil-Filter-PicAnimated-spacersOil Filters

  • Leading coverage includes canister and eco cartridge type designs
  • OE match to volume and precise sizing to allow proper clearance in tight places while maintaining the factory performance
  • Steel mounting plates for precise fit, corrosion proofing, and strength
  • Pressure relief bypass valves to maintain critical flow of oil, even in the worst conditions
  • Silicone anti-drain back valves to prevent dry starts that shorten engine life (where applicable)
  • Complete with necessary or hard-to-find sealing rings, gaskets, and washers


AFAnimated-spacersAir Filters

  • Air filters with the same form and fit as OE for proper fit in the air cleaner housing
  • Filters that match OE micron specifications
  • Filtration media traps debris to prevent engine damage



Cabin-AFAnimated-spacersCabin Air Filters

  • Charcoal activated filter media where specified by OE manufacturers
  • Same form and fit as OE for proper fit in the cabin air filter housing
  • Improves air quality inside the vehicle when replaced every 50,000 miles
  • Filters out microscopic particles of dust, smoke, pollen, etc. that can cause allergies and unpleasant odors


Fuel-FilterAnimated-spacersFuel Filters

  • Complete with necessary or hard-to-find sealing rings, gaskets, and washers
  • OE design so filter fits perfectly — no need to adjust brackets
  • Protects the precise operation of today’s fuel delivery systems
  • Quality OE replacement to help maintain fuel mileage and avoid costly repairs


TFKAnimated-spacersTransmission Filters & Kits

  • Promotes longer transmission life by filtering out contaminants that cause wear eliminating costly repairs or replacement
  • Includes OE quality transmission pan gaskets, o-rings and bolts rarely offered in the aftermarket to ease installation. (where applicable)